Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Condemn killing of Jharkhand Party President, Dhanapati Murmu

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Sri Dhanapati Murmu, the President of Jharkhand Party (Aditya Group) was killed on 29 November 2009 at Ramgarh (near Lalgarh) by the Maoists. Nearly a month ago, Panchanan Tudu, the President of Jharkhand Janamukti Morcha had been killed by them. More than a dozen members of various Jharkhandi parties have been killed over the last one year. The CPI(ML) condemns all these killings.

These parties have always been demanding autonomy to Paschimanchal, the introduction of Santhali and other tribal languages in primary schools and the right of forest-dwellers on forest-produce. When the CPI(M) tried to impose its one-party rule, these parties have been opposing it. At the time of Singur, Nandigram and Lalgarh movements these parties were actively supporting these movements. These parties are not in power either at center or any state.

Now the Maoists are trying to liquidate these parties from Jangalmahal simply because they would not allow the existence of any other political party in the area. By these actions the Maoists are disrupting the basic unity of the people and harming the Lalgarh movement. Moreover, the terrorist state is getting legitimacy in its attack on the mass movements.

The CPI(ML) calls upon all political parties and mass organizations in Paschimanchal to join a dialogue so that people’s power based on electable and revocable representatives may be formed and a united movement for self-rule may be waged against the state.

The CPI(ML) calls upon all democratic forces and individuals in the country to exert their influence to bring all forces to a dialogue.

Santosh Rana
General Secretary
30 November 2009

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