Saturday, April 17, 2010

Appeal for support from Kalinganagar



To all democratic parties, organizations and individuals supporting the struggle of the Adivasis and Dalits against forcible displacement.

Dear friends,
The people of India know about the struggle of the Adivasis in Kalinganagar  and the martyrdom of 14 Adivasis in the struggle against forcible land acquisition by the Tatas in 2006. While that struggle is continuing, fresh attacks have started on the villages of Chandia, Baligoth, Chama Kutli, Gobarghati, Garhpur, Belhari and Ambagaria in Kalinganagar. The Tatas want  to broaden the Expressway connecting Daitary Mines to Paradip Port. So they want to evict the Adivasis and acquire their land. The people are opposed to this and they have refused to vacate their villages. Now the Tatas have formed an armed group of nearly 500 men They are all armed with guns..At 11 AM on 30th March 2010, this armed gang assisted by Orissa State Police and some BJD (Biju Janata Dal) activists attacked the village Baligota. 22 villagers including six women got gunshot injuries. The marauder gang dishonoured the women, burnt the houses of the movement leaders and smashed three motorcycles and 25 bicycles. They looted all goats and hen from the village. Since the attack was sudden and the people unprepared, so they could not resist..

The movement against forcible land acquisitions by the Tatas is being led by Bisthapan Birodhi Janamancha, Sukhinda. Our movement is a peaceful and democratic movement. We only want that the right over Jal, Jangal and Jameen should remain with the Adivasis. We appeal to all democrats to kindly restrain the Orissa government  and stop the murderous assault by the Tata armed forces.

We want to point out that there are enough barren lands in Sukhinda which can be used for construction of roads without evicting the Adivasis. We are under siege and it is very difficult for us to communicate with outside world. Please treat this message as an SOS and do something.   JOHAR

Rabindra  Jarika     14 April 2010

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